Spotlight on: Voiceover Genres

4th September 2023

Voiceover work is as wide as it is varied, and what one artist might excel in might not work for another. The following are a few examples of the kind of work the industry offers:

ADR/Dubbing - Background noise for TV/Film and/or dubbing either foreign language shows or dubbing leads that need edits on their own lines – great potential for impressionists!

Animatics/Pitches - Voicing a pitch commercial or campaign etc for internal use.

Animation - Character or narrative VO work behind an animated visual. If character work, this is usually covered by an acting agent.

Audiobooks - Reading books audibly (!), long and short form, across genres!

Audiodramas - Scripted audio, most people would think of The Archers! Also often covered under an acting agent.

Commercials (Radio/TV) - Commercial advertisement to be used to promote a service or product on TV/Radio and now increasingly on social media!

Continuity - These are (often self-written) few liners between programmes to introduce the next.

Corporate - Scripts for corporations, usually in the medical, corporate or financial worlds.

Documentaries/Narration - Narrating documentaries and TV shows, as it sounds!

ELT/eLearning - Recording content for exams or other educational purposes.

Promo - Promotion of usually TV/Radio/Cinema etc.

Video Games - Recording characters for video games. Sometimes this can include

… and lots more!