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I’m a potential VO artist and I have questions!

How do I get into voiceover?

The best way of getting into voiceover work is by training and practicing styles of voiceover. If you are an actor or trained performer, you will most likely have been given opportunities behind a mic, if not then take it into your own hands! There are a lot of training courses online that give you a taster, recording equipment has become more accessible and there has never been more access to references – spend some time watching and listening to professional examples online and learn from the best! You will quickly find that there are some genres that fit you better, or that you enjoy more. Once you’ve found your voice (pun intended), you can start thinking about whether you’d like to be a professional voiceover artist yourself!

What do I need for this line of work?

A voice reel is the first non-negotiable to enter this industry. In order to be heard, considered and cast a producer or casting director will need to hear you speak! In your voice reel you’ll need to include a few different genres of voiceover, the most basic being examples of your commercial, narrative, audiobook and perhaps character reads. Although not a deal breaker, home studio equipment however basic is useful (even if it’s just to be able to practice). You might also want to set up a way of getting your reels to be noticed, whether that’s a website, a social media account or a membership to an actors account like Spotlight. The last thing you’ll need is resilience and a motivation to network – get yourself out there but don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t happen immediately, this industry is worth the investment!

What kind of voiceover work is there out there for me?

There are many different avenues of voiceover work. From classic commercials to audiobooks, ADR/Dubbing work, ELT, animation, narrative podcasts, video game voiceovers and much, much more!

How do I apply for representation?

If you are looking to be represented by VOBJ, please send in:

  • Headshot
  • Reel(s)
  • Bio (esp. VO experience)
  • Links to your website/spotlight etc
  • Home Studio details (if you have them)

We get a high number of enquiries so please be patient but we will respond!

I’m a company or producer in need of a voice over and I have questions!

What is the process? Can you help me cast?

One of the benefits of working with a voiceover agency is the expertise that you get when looking for a specific brief. The agent will be able to guide you in the direction of who on their books would give you the quality voiceover you’re looking for, as well as offer financial, contractual and practical support through your booking. If you have a project you need to find a voice for, please submit a request and include as many details as you can and we will get back to you with some excellent voice suggestions as soon as we can!

What are the fees?

In order to discuss fees for a voiceover project, please contact us with details of the work and we can send over a quote.

Do I have to book a studio?

Booking a studio entirely depends on whether you choose an artist with a professional-quality home studio. Many of our artists have a home set up and happy to record from there. If the artist you select does not have a home set-up however, then you will have to look into additionally booking a studio. You are more than welcome to search for one yourself, or VOBJ is happy to organise a studio for you, as we have links with many studio locations across the UK. The cost is highly dependent on location, availability and time.

Can you help me edit?

We exclusively provide voiceover artists. If recording from home, the artists are happy to provide raw files for editing, but the editing of a file will need to be outsourced.

To note for both voiceover artists and clients: It is imperative that voiceover projects are paid properly. If you need more information on Industry rates and regulations please check out the Equity Audio Hub or follow @equityaudio!